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Margaret Daly Designs is an Identity Branding & Web Design business. With this business I help other businesses get more customers by building and maintaining a full online and offline presence, even if they have never dealt with the marketing of their business before or they have no computer knowledge.

We offer Web Design, Branding, Logo Design, SM Design, Business Directory Listings, Niche Branding & Design(book covers, product logos, etc.), and Marketing.

We also include 1 on 1 coaching for marketing and promotions. We teach you how to market and sell your product, so you don’t have to pay someone to do it ever again. It all starts with an image.

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“We recently created a not for profit foundation and with the help of MDD we have a very detailed website and several social media outlets. Margaret is a pleasure to deal with. She is organized, efficient and a true forward thinker. I would highly recommend the use of her services.”

logo InstagramJason A. Yasso, Chief Deputy
Correctional Services
Livingston County Sheriff’s Office


MDD has been a huge benefit to our organization!

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