Beta Reading

Beta Reading Service

(Professional Assessment)

Beta reading includes reading of the entire manuscript and providing valuable feedback to the author about what the reader liked/disliked about the book (characters, plot, flow, etc…) and how likely they are to buy the book, refer the book to a friend, or read another book by the same author. Basic package includes one beta reader per book submission. Additional charges apply for additional beta readers and/or rush jobs. Normal delivery time is 4-7 days but may vary.

Up to 50,000 Words                                             $50

For books from 1 to 50,000 words (price is for one beta reader)

50,001 to 120,000 Words                                     $75

For books from 50,001 to 120,000 words (price is for one beta reader)

Over 120,000 Words                                                          ***

For books over 120,000 please contact us for pricing


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