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Book Editing by Nicole D’Entremont

Fiction and Non-fiction succeeding 1800’s 

With three options to choose from ranging from simple grammar and spelling edits all the way to full editing packages, our in-house professional editors will review your manuscript line by line to help you prepare your book for publishing, whether it be self-publishing or for submission to major publishing houses.

Basic (per word) $0.005: Addresses any grammatical errors, misspelled words, incorrect word choices, and improper punctuation that distracts and undermines the value of the manuscript.

Premium (per word) $0.015: Includes all the services in Basic plus simple line edits that focus on awkward sentence structure, word redundancy, poor transition elements, and development errors related to characters, settings, and plot/subplots.

Deluxe (per word) $0.02: Includes all the services in Basic and Premium plus an extensive collaborative edit that helps you fully prepare your manuscript for publishing or presentation to literary agents or publishers.

Example: 60,000 Word Novel

Basic Editing = 60,000 * $0.005 = $300

Premium Editing = 60,000 * $0.015 = $900

Deluxe Editing = 60,000 * $0.02 = $1,200

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