Web Design

Whether you need a new website or you need your current one restructured, I will work with you to define who you are and what you want the public to know about you and your business!

Use the Contact me tab or email margaretdalydesigns@gmail.com to get started on your design project!

What’s the Process?

Contact me for a quote, Decide & Pay in full(unless other arrangements are made), Complete Design Brief, Begin Design Process, Complete Design Process, Review Services.

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Basic Web Design Prices

*This is not a quote for services, these are basic pricing guidelines and vary by design and site type.

Web Design
4 Page Author Site $225.00 USD
Custom Full Site(6-8 pages) $1,250.00 USD
Restructure Current Site $650.00 USD(Base Cost for 5 page site)
Logo $50.00 USD
Site Favicon $15.00

Branding Services are available upon request. We will work together to build you a brand signature for your product(s) and your online, as well as your offline “real world” presence. Branding packages range from $50 to $650.

We accept the following payments:

Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer through PayPal Direct(We accept PayPal Credit)



Payment arrangements are available or you can apply for PayPal Credit

Checks accepted